Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lily Kwong

 photo lily-altuzarra1_zps7b7a8f0c.jpg
 photo lily-altuzarra2_zpsc03da09d.jpg
 photo lily-altuzarra3_zps8bed5e92.jpeg
 photo lily-altuzarra6_zps9dcb653b.jpg photo lily-altuzarra4_zps1ec2c357.jpg
 photo lily-altuzarra5_zps3ecd0af6.jpg
Source: Photos by Garance Doré

in her cousin's (designer Joseph Altuzarra) clothes + suede bootie hybrids. I still love this tying up business on heels...


Jessica Penny said...

Oh my goodness, the boots in the first photo are SPECTACULAR! Like seriously, I need them (and a new, less kankle-ridden pair of legs..)in my life!

Heather said...

1st she is beautiful. 2nd those tie up sandal booties *swoons*