Monday, 21 January 2008


On my trip to Daegu over the weekend I got my hair done. I'd been growing my hair out for a while and was waiting for it to get super long and then wave perm it BUT since it was all dyed (caramel-brown at the moment) and medium-length plus I had grown out my fringe a considerable length...I wanted to try something a little new (basically, I couldn't wait any longer for it to grow out) so I opted for a 'do' that was on my mind for a long time.Yes! It is Marcia Cross from the 'Desperate Housewives' drama. I don't actually watch the show- I just like Bree's hair. Is the program really as upbeat as everyone says it is?
Anyhow, i wanted my hair in this sort of do with a throwback to the '60s and '70s. Nice and clean at the top and with a voluminous curl at the bottom. But off I went to the hairdressers and what did I learn? That this do was only do-able with blow-drying it every day and cannot be done-away just with a 'perm' as I thought it was. Anyway, I got a 'setting-perm' ( I have no idea what this is called in english) and (argh!) the designer persuaded me to chop off my hair a good two inches (so that when my hair rests on my shoulders it aids in giving out a more natural flipped-out curl).
But alas! Since I cut my hair and got it LAYERED (my mistake) and cut my fringe in my opinion I don't really think I got the 'look' that I was wanting but it came out more like this.
With more curls and a fringe. Sigh, why am I always incapable of explaining to the hairdresser what I am envisioning in my head! (Though my mother thinks my hair looks 'exactly' as how I had wanted it but this isn't so!). Oh well, I should now go around twiddling my nose about...perhaps?

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