Sunday, 6 January 2008


The other day I went to Myeong-dong to check out one of my favourite stores there- Laury's Closet. I picked up a pale-pink sweater/shirt (I know it doesn't look it in the pic!) that was not exactly tweed material but it was giving off tweed-ish vibes reminiscent of Chanel? Wow, I know that's a long stretch- my mind is weird like that, I have no idea how I manage to envision Chanel-style from a mere shirt, ha ha. I am planning to wear it with some grey jeans, my black and white tweed jacket, suede boots, onyx jewellery and some pearls if I can manage to grab my hands on any. Will that close the stretch gap a little, do you think? My current need for Chanel could not be satiated enough without some collection revisiting on the internet, of course. What I really like about the ready-to-wear Fall '06 collection are the ruffled shirts, big bows in the hair and those long white boots. Drape those pearls baby-drape those pearls~!

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