Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Oh dear...oh dear

Sandra Oh at the 2008 SAG Awards. Many people are probably thinking 'what on earth was she thinking wearing that gown?? She looks like a present!'. Let me explain. She was wearing a modern-day couture version of the 'hanbok' which is the Korean traditional constume. I have a bit of a soft spot for bows but even I have to say that her bow is way too overdone (and long!) and awkwardly placed. I applaud Sandra for going back to her Korean roots but I am cringing at the overall effect because I don't think she meant it to turn out that way (does anyone know who her stylist is?) but if she wanted to do a modern take on the hanbok I would probably have advised a different design and colour (of all the colours, why neon pink and black?!) made from a more delicate, sheer fabric to give a more romantic yet luxurious feel (it is the red carpet after all!). Take Korean singer BoA for example, she's wearing a modern version of the hanbok in a lovely organza-ish material and I think she looks gorgeous. This is definitely the look that Sandra should have gone for!

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