Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Not at all swanky...not at all

I asked my lovely friend to bring with her a copy of the latest 'W magazine' from her trip to the US and that's how I have the January '08 issue in my hands. Now 'W' is one of my favourite mag' reads in Korea; it's fairly thick, has good editorials, interesting photo-shoots and I particularly love the large-sized, textured paper that its printed on....but compared to Korean 'W' I'm afraid the US version is extremely disappointing, and (argh) it's so thin!!!
I like Hilary Swank she's a fab actress and has a great body but the shoot was nothing special: moody, dark = plain picture.
The photo-shoot below was a little more interesting with mixed prints and 80's style references.
The photo above was my favourite of them all but I was a little annoyed with the Balenciaga boots appearing again, it seems that this pair is recycled in all the shoots for all the magazines even in the Korean Jan '08 issues.

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