Friday, 11 January 2008

Let me introduce you to Park Jin Woo

but I think he actually goes by Zinwoo Park when overseas- a visual artist/designer hailing from South Korea who is gradually taking over the art world to my great delight! Hee hee. I've been meaning to post about his quirky designs ever since discovering him in a subway magazine article and then seeing Camilla from Glam & Tonic blogging about his famous, Warhol-influenced, canvas 'FAKE bag' made we want to blog about him even more! A degree in metalworks at Seoul National University (woah whoo!), a graduate course completed at London's Royal College of Art in Product design, experience in designing for Samsung electronics and his variety of work ranging from lighting, furniture, graphics, interior, and visual art shows that his repertoire is exciting as his capacious resume. His major artworks include the 'Spagetti Chandelier" made from red industrial electrical wires and '5 Minute candles' (I think he's sold thirty thousand of those already). Erotic Works, the 'Toilet Paper Project' and his 'Bubble bubble' interactive chair are some of his other innovative projects.His works are becoming more well-known in Korea due to features in the current Korean drama, '못된 사랑' (Bad Love). If you want to see his current installation in real life come to downtown Gwanghwamun(광화문), Seoul to see the 'Christmas Factory' featured next to the 'Hammering Man' sculpture. and if you're ever in Korea his (gorgeous!) products can be purchased at 'Second Hotel' (a interior shop in front of Dosan Park, Sinsadong) or at 'Artmart' (in Insadong).

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