Thursday, 24 January 2008

Brunch time

I love to brunch. Perhaps it's the fact that I've half starved myself in the morning to stuff myself later on or the unusually large portions brunch meals offer; but it is very satisfying to sit at a table with a galfriend friend and gab away for a good two hours while eating delicious food. Yesterday I went to Suji's restaurant which is apparently a lovely way to experience a good bit of New York dining (but since I've never been to NY I can't say if that's true). They have another chain in Itaewon but I went to the one tucked in the Hyundai department store at COEX mall.I would normally write down the directions but since they have a map on the website I reckon a pictorial representation is much more useful. So if you're ever in Seoul make sure to check it out for those days when you're craving Western food.
After a good tucking in of blueberry pancakes and Philly cheese steak sandwich, I checked out Uniqlo and bought a much needed black leather belt. I also purchased a letter set which has some interesting yet random street pictures of Barcelona on the paper. And yes, I still enjoy writing a good snail-mail letter to friends now and then...

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