Sunday, 29 June 2008


Say hello to: "Dice Kayek". It's giving off some very "Et Vous" vibes, non? Designed by Ece Ege. Released under the BCBG label (in Korea, at least). Currently, dreaming of wearing these lovely clothes and wandering the streets of Seoul aimlessly. Must concentrate, dammit!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Mr. JT

Sporadic posting is what you're going to get from me till early July, I'm afraid. I still have a final exam left over. Meanwhile feast your eyes on Justin Timberlake in the new ads for Givenchy's new men's fragrance, Play! Sigh, he will always be fine! (yes yes, back in the day I was an avid NSYNC fan. How did you guess?)

Friday, 20 June 2008

The Three F's

Since I'm patiently waiting for my hair to grow out so I can attempt these fascinating Heidi braids, meanwhile I'm always wondering what they are going to look like on the top of my head. After some surfing on the net, I was introduced to these pictures of Ekaterina Stafets (Uzbekistan model) who has a beautiful face and a very wide forehead. Yes, I am also fated with what Tyra Banks calls a "Four fingered forehead'!!! Those braids look lovely on Ekaterina but I'm not sure how they'd look like perched on me' wide brow. I'm super jealous of the girls who can pull off the sleek, Versace hair look as above. "Who cares how big your forehead is, just do it" you say. Are you kidding! Unless the world suddenly becomes mirror-free, no, siree.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

"IT" girl of my moment seems like I'm writing a lot about Hollywood celebs nowadays. Four posts about Rachel Bilson in one month only naturally makes her my current "IT" girl of the moment. Here she shows us that roots are meant to look cool. I just got mine done not long ago because I thought my hair was looking messy. Argh! But if Hilary Duff keeps on dressing as fabulous as she does, Ms. Bilson should better watch out!
See you in a week and a half! I've got lots and lots of exams (in two-digits!) before the summer holidays starts finally! Make sure to keep yourselves busy :)