Monday, 30 December 2013

the cashmere shop

 photo cashmere1_zpscac04a94.jpg
 photo cashmere2_zpse4800ffd.jpg
 photo cashmere3_zps9146b538.jpg
Source: JCrew

My closet is in a really sad state at the moment because I didn't bring much of my wardrobe with me to Seoul. Last week I bought two, vintage cashmere mocknecks (black and mint blue) just cos' I was so COLD. They're so warm & fuzzy. I also really like these sweaters from JCrew above- seriously want one in every rainbow colour possible.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

diving boards

 photo cuppa_zpsefb3bea5.jpg
 photo byMichaelHauptman-NastyGalrsquosVintageChanelLookbook-2_zps7c66b68f.jpg 
 photo dampd_zpse2910e96.jpg
Source: Nasty Gal Vintage Chanel lookbook/ my own

Good morning everyone! I hope you have a fabulous Saturday today. Drink some coffee and get outta the house a little!

Friday, 27 December 2013

green rocks

 photo blackclutch-ring_zpsfd64006f.jpg
Source: TheFlowerWoman

I guess I was a naughty girl this year because I really wanted the clutch and ring above and Santa just didn't deliver.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

oh christmas tree

 photo MangoWinter2012_zps227bb5b7.jpg
 photo summerface-ilovewildfox_zps5737b5f8.jpg
 photo MarieClaireLatinAmerica-Sept2013-VladimirMarti_zpse2b833ae.jpg
 photo sunniesbyZanitaMorgan_zps9cb7ff26.jpg
Source: Photos by Mango Winter 2012/ ilovewildfox/ Vladimir Marti for MarieClaire Latin America Sept 2013/ Zanita

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers! XOXO
I think I'm going to head out to a Christmas church service with a friend right now....wishing you lots of love and warmth this holidays.

Monday, 23 December 2013

black moss

 photo katemoss-seaofshoes_zpsfd411df8.jpg
Source: SeaofShoes

This collage is from Jane's blog, Sea of Shoes, which I've been recently reading from the wee beginning again. I'm so inspired by Jane's ability to seamlessly mix vintage and designer into her everyday life. Her passion for fashion is truly infectious! And her shoe collection is to die for!!!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

stylenanda flagship store (홍대점)

 photo stylenanda1_zps7c2eef5f.jpg
 photo stylenanda4_zps1df62d89.jpg
 photo stylenanda2_zpsad2b1742.jpg
 photo stylenanda5_zpsbc88bdfb.jpg
 photo stylenanda3_zps58361ba6.jpg
 photo stylenanda6_zpsfef14ed3.jpg
 photo stylenanda7_zpsa869ec7f.jpg
Source: my own

Stylenanda. nanda. nanda.

I'm sure you've heard about Stylenanda by now. It started as one of many online shopping malls in Korea, launching in 2005, and has become frankly, a HUGE brand. Now they have stores all over Korea, in HongKong and Japan plus they sell accessories, make-up and shoes! The other day I visited their flagship store (three floors of goodness) located in Hongdae for the first time since they opened. Stylenanda's aesthetic is not exactly my style per say but they do have a lot of cute stuff if you dig around. I like their basics range and make-up the most. I couldn't walk out of the shop without my cream blusher but almost couldn't get mine because there were so many tourists buying all of it! See, their make-up line (Three Concept Eyes) is very popular in Asia.

Friday, 20 December 2013

have yourself a merry little christmas

 photo bette-franke-by-alex-cayley-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-2_zpsdda28985.jpg
 photo bette-franke-by-alex-cayley-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-3_zps3d7df0f2.jpg
 photo bette-franke-by-alex-cayley-for-vogue-spain-august-2013-1_zpsc05d2577.jpg
Source: Photos by Alex Cayley for Vogue Spain Aug 2013

Feeling super busy right now, it must be just that time of year. Listening to Mr. Bublé's definition of Christmas during my down-time hours and when I'm cooking.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


 photo LEEOLIVEIRA-overalls_zps3fc82acc.jpg
 photo Le-21eme-Viviana-Volpicella_zps15e58110.jpg
 photo LEEOLIVEIRA-bodysuit_zpsab620944.jpg
Source: Lee Oliveira/ Le21eme

This first picture of Shala Monroque makes me so happy. She looks so happy with herself, with what she's wearing and where she's going.

Monday, 16 December 2013

my mini marcie

  photo me_zps572e870a.jpg
My Chloé bag is here finally! It's actually much more of a muted orange rather than the bright orange I was expecting. I love it! It doesn't hold much though so it does force me to prioritize what I carry around. Here's a quick snap of what I wore today with it: Tommy Hilfiger coat, this 8seconds sweater, mum's scarf and American Eagle jeans.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

white and black

 photo MarieClaireSeptember2010_zps0273e2c8.jpg
 photo la-Vie-en-Rose-1_zps7080db34.jpg
 photo vogueparis-sept2010-3_zps17da1ab8.jpg
 photo SinglesKoreabyHongJangHyun-June2013_zps5f675982.jpg
 photo byKarenCollinsforTheSundayTelegraphFall2011_zps81939c13.jpg
Source: Marie Claire magazine Sept 2010/ Christian Dior/ Vogue Paris Sept 2010/ Hong Jang Hyun for Singles Korea June 2013/ Karen Collins for The Sunday Telegraph Fall 2011

Friday, 13 December 2013

hey boss

 photo HichamRiad-ElleBelgiumSept2013-2_zps158b05ec.jpg
 photo HichamRiad-ElleBelgiumSept2013-1_zpsdb93b097.jpg
 photo ElleItaliaDecember2013-byDrewJarret_zps229b2d4f.jpg
Source: Photos by Hicham Riad for ELLE Belgium Sept 2013/ Drew Jarret for ELLE Italia Dec 2013


*Style note: pair high-top sneakers with a pencil skirt!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

holiday shenanigans

 photo UrbanOutfittersHoliday2013-byReneVaile-2_zpsbd3eebcc.jpg
 photo UrbanOutfittersHoliday2013-byReneVaile-4_zps8646370c.jpg
 photo UrbanOutfittersHoliday2013-byReneVaile-1_zps3a49b6a5.jpg
 photo UrbanOutfittersHoliday2013-byReneVaile-5_zps4bd71591.jpg
 photo UrbanOutfittersHoliday2013-byReneVaile-3_zps0d26bf1b.jpg
Source: Photos by ReneVaile for Urban Outfitters Holiday 2013

Are you bundled up wherever you are? I'm talking to you, fellow northern hemisphere people. How cute is the new UO lookbook? I want to wear everything in it!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

in a dressy mood

 photo ElleRussiaMay2013byAringsaTaumlllgaringrd_zps026561a2.jpg
 photo vanityfair-june2011-byMarkSeliger_zps723eddb1.jpg
 photo atChanelShow_zps337873ae.jpg
 photo Chloeacute-Resort-2014-3_zps31b125db.jpg
Source: Photos by Aringsa Taumlllgaringrd for ELLE Russia May 2013/ Mark Seliger for VanityFair June 2011/ unknown/  Chloé Resort 2014

Check out the sleeve on the Chloé dress above!!! Absolutely no need to accessorize.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

under the sea

 photo WILDFOX-SwimCruise2014-KimberlyGordon_zpsdc9eaceb.jpg
 photo ChanelSS12_zps26589ab1.jpg
 photo seashells-viaMatchbookMagazine_zpsf212c416.jpg
Source: Photos by KimberlyGordon for Wildfox Swim Cruise 2014/ Chanel SS12/ MatchbookMagazine
Attending a fashion show by Chanel would definitely be a dream-come-true experience!

Friday, 6 December 2013

rugged up

 photo GarageMagazinefall-winter-Inez-vinoodh-2_zps9aaf5a97.jpg
 photo AnthonyNocella-free-peopleAuglookbook_zps40ffeb0f.jpg
 photo GarageMagazinefall-winter-Inez-vinoodh-1_zps77de279a.jpg
 photo sweaternjeanshorts_zps8ef26476.jpg
Source: Inez & Vinoodh for Fall-Winter Garage Magazine/ Anthony Nocella for Free People August lookbook/ unknown
Crap! I just had one of the laziest days today.
It was just one of those days.