Sunday, 30 March 2014


 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-5_zps5f701132.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-1_zps519bcd47.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-3_zpsd26cb24f.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-2_zpsfe37619b.jpg
 photo LrsquoOfficielMexicobyAndrewYee-april2014-4_zpsc9a90631.jpg
Source: Photos by Andrew Yee for L’Officiel Mexico April 2014

OMG, this jewellery editorial is just mind-blowing! Love all the mixed elements, turquoise and different textures. I have a huge soft spot for lucite done just right as well.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

table for one

 photo an-american-girl-in-paris-part-deux_zpsda41cde9.jpg
Source: Sex and the City screencap

I love this scene in the last episode of SATC where Carrie spends her morning at Ladurée with a French bull mastiff. It is utterly charming.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


 photo ELLEITALIAMARCH2014-mattjones_zpsc180c5b0.jpg
 photo DiegoUchitel-VogueMexico-Nov2013_zps8e260c9a.jpg
 photo printed-skirt-leeoliveira_zps5cbfc30e.jpg
Source: Photos by Diego Uchite for Vogue Mexico Nov 2013/ Matt Jones for Elle Italia March 2014/ Lee Oliveira

Still in love with this skirt silhouette. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Natalia Osadchaya

 photo natalia-osadchaya-1_zps5a0b946f.jpg
 photo natalia-osadchaya-3_zps32678a1f.jpg
 photo natalia-osadchaya-4_zps2f9e2b4c.jpg
 photo natalia-osadchaya-2_zpse072c4d2.jpg
 photo Natalia-viatheurbanspotter_zps388913b7.jpg
Source: Citizen Couture/ TheUrbanSpotter

I had to do a little bit of googling to find out who this fashionable lady was after posting her picture last week. It turns out Natalia Osadchaya is the fashion director at ELLE Ukraine.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

slip slop slap

 photo JamesMacari-UkMarieClaireApril2014_zpsc0f38f7d.jpg
 photo waves_zps97ef4e0d.jpg
 photo SeaofShoes-yellowMargiela_zpsa5f40fdd.jpg
 photo KsubiSS20102011_zpsd3f1428e.jpg
 photo JasonLeeParry-LoveStoriesforFreePeople_zpsf55e0959.jpg
 photo viadesignersguilddotcom_zpsaca59bfa.jpg
Source: Photos by James Macari for UK Marie Claire April 2014/ Sea of Shoes/ unknown/ DesignersGuild/ Jason Lee Parry for Love Stories Free People/ Ksubi SS 2010-11

Time to get the SPF 50+ out, the sun is shining!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


 photo clarinsoils_zps18927df2.jpg
Source: Clarins

Now I really want to try all three of these face treatment oils: Lotus, Blue Orchid and Santal.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Conrad Spa

It's been three years since I've stepped foot inside a spa of some kind. The last time I went to one was in Los Angeles which you can read about here but this morning I visited the Conrad Spa at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul.
 photo conradspa1_zps8fb8219e.jpg
I've never had a facial before in my life and my face has been feeling so BLAH so I went with that feeling and booked for the Ultra-Hydrating Facial Treatment With Katafray session for 60 minutes. At the Conrad, they mostly use two lines- Clarins or Aromatherapy Associates. Obviously I opted for Clarins. Before the facial, someone helps you with an oil feet-cleanse in that black bowl you can see on the floor.
 photo conradspa2_zps89e2d137.jpg
 photo conradspa3_zps3d89ce0d.jpg
Afterwards, you can take a shower and snuggle into a chair and sip on some tea while viewing the outside. Unfortunately, the view from the ninth floor is still a little disappointing truth be told. Whisk the curtains to the left and you may be face-to-face with an office worker on the same floor in the opposite building.
 photo conradspa4_zps4ef9b3a3.jpg
My blueberry acai tea.
 photo conradspa5_zpsb89932c6.jpg
Source: my own

All in all, I thought that the service was impeccable but the spa facilities were not as impressive as the price (facials make dents in wallets!). There are many more spas out there to experience so I don't think I will be going back to this one, at least not for the same treatment. It's five in the evening right now but I'm still feeling the glow though :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014


 photo miguelreveriegoforellefrance14thmarch2014-1_zpsca690c82.jpg
 photo miguelreveriegoforellefrance14thmarch2014-2_zpsfc0a93eb.jpg
 photo miguelreveriegoforellefrance14thmarch2014-4_zpsc59fd5ae.jpg
 photo miguelreveriegoforellefrance14thmarch2014-3_zps1c79d8c4.jpg
Source: Photos by Miguel Reveriego for Elle France March 2014

OMG it's like sixteen degrees in Seoul today! Such fabulous weather I haven't experienced in what feels like a lifetime. Here are some new Spring beauty looks that I want to experiment with: pink, gold, vaseline-eyelids/ vibrant orange, baby pink lips/ super long, wispy eyebrows.

Friday, 14 March 2014

a woman with purpose

 photo awomanwithpurpose_zps0fc2da93.jpg
Source: Le21eme

anchors away

 photo zara-stripedblazer1_zpsc7965929.jpg
 photo zara-stripedblazer2_zps6a27a04a.jpg
 photo zara-stripedblazer3_zps04662e7f.jpg
Source: ZARA

The other day I was in Zara and happened upon the cutest nautical inspired suit with matching shorts. I swear it looks even sweeter in person and it comes with lovely anchor buttons. This is definitely on my Spring wish list.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Jardin de Camélias

 photo JardinCamelias2014_collection_zpsfcd9e96c.jpg
 photo sakura-chanel_zps2f851cfd.jpg
Source: Chanel

Today I went to the Chanel counter to pick up a birthday prezzie for a friend and while I was there I tried a powder blush (in Sakura) from the new Jardin de Camélias collection. It is such an unbelievably pretty and very buildable flushed pink. It looks really sparkly in the container but it goes on very sheer and doesn't shout disco at all. I had to practice self-restraint though, once I start buying for's downhill from there.

a leopard can't change its spots

 photo carven-rtw-fw2014_zps380555f5.jpg
Source: Carven Fall 2014 RTW

I love this leopard print on leopard look. The tailoring of the coat and skirt is impeccable.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Isabel Marant Fall 2014 RTW

 photo isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-10_zps69fcb264.jpg
 photo isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-7_zps19e10758.jpg
 photo IsabelMarantFall2014Backstage3_zps81a32a7a.jpg
 photo isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-6_zps91a2a6ac.jpg
 photo IsabelMarantFall2014Backstage5_zps42e4d4be.jpg
 photo IsabelMarantFall2014Backstage2_zpscb8578e1.jpg
 photo isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-9_zpsbb40fbb8.jpg
 photo IsabelMarantFall2014Backstage4_zps89834e10.jpg
 photo isabel-marant-rtw-fw2014-11_zps0a5bac35.jpg
 photo IsabelMarantFall2014Backstage1_zps95818146.jpg
Source: Photos by Kim Weston/ unknown

Backstage and runway shots of Isabel Marant's new collection straight from Paris. There's nothing much to has comfortable and cozy written all over it.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


 photo tea1_zps013fd49d.jpg
 photo tea2_zpsc88f24a4.jpg
Source: my own

A couple of days ago, I popped over to the Conrad Hotel with a girl friend to enjoy some Assam tea and scones. That's my late birthday prezzie in the background. I got a bottle of Creme de Corps. Lurrrrve it.

Friday, 7 March 2014

american hustler

 photo AndreasOhlundandMariaTherese-CoverMag-March2014-1_zps45b67149.jpg
 photo AndreasOhlundandMariaTherese-CoverMag-March2014-2_zpsd34b6f20.jpg
 photo AndreasOhlundandMariaTherese-CoverMag-March2014-3_zpsce046181.jpg
 photo AndreasOhlundandMariaTherese-CoverMag-March2014-4_zps2888b341.jpgSource: Photos by Andreas Ohlund & Maria Therese for Cover Mag March 2014

This editorial reminds me of the movie American Hustle. It's been some time since I saw it but the most memorable parts were the costumes and DRESSES. My friend and I are really into '70s fashion right now- the big hair, dripping necklaces in gold and gowns with deep, super deep, V's.