Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wildfox Pre Fall 2013

 photo WildfoxPreFall2013-LaurenWard-4_zps90a9f6cd.jpg
 photo WildfoxPreFall2013-LaurenWard-1_zps7164a369.jpg
 photo WildfoxPreFall2013-LaurenWard-3_zpse19f9050.jpg
 photo WildfoxPreFall2013-LaurenWard-5_zps4a0e4b77.jpg
 photo WildfoxPreFall2013-LaurenWard-2_zps17acd5f0.jpg
Source: Photos by Lauren Ward
Some of my favourite picks from the Wildfox Pre Fall 2013 collection. Love how they shot the lookbook outside in the woods for this one. I think you know by now that I am a die-hard fan of this label.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

socks with heels

 photo leathershortsbyJensIngvarsson_zpsa84f1118.jpg
Source: Photo by Jens Ingvarsson

I haven't seen leather shorts done this well and this hawt since this.

Monday, 27 May 2013


 photo LeilaJoyBerney-1_zpse3235785.jpg
 photo LeilaJoyBerney-3_zpsd79caded.jpg
 photo LeilaJoyBerney-4_zps56d71638.jpg
 photo LeilaJoyBerney-2_zpsa81d7610.jpg
Source: Photos by Leila Joy Berney 

The other day at the restaurant, the waitress who was waiting our table had the most loveliest wispy, cotton candy pinkish hair ever. This editorial reminds me of her. Hehe.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

what i wish was in my lunchbox

 photo petite-kitchenlunchbox1_zpsbcba5cb5.jpg
 photo NicoleCooper-Brace-Magazine_zps6578920a.jpg
 photo petite-kitchenlunchbox2_zpsf5a864bd.jpg
Source: Photos by Nicole Cooper for Brace Magazine/ PetiteKitchen
And I'd be wearing this.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

minimal decor

 photo DerekSwalwell1_zps2e27a5bb.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell2_zpsad19aeaa.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell4_zpse71f0504.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell3_zps4c428c80.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell5_zpsaf9e09aa.jpg
 photo DerekSwalwell6_zps6039b913.jpg
Source: Photos by Derek Swalwell from desiretoinspire

Nowadays I find myself popping into home decor shops at the mall probably because I'm back in my old room now with a proper bed and I want to spruce things up a bit. I have a new bedspread, sheets and now my eyes are wandering to other accessories like furry rugs, colourful throws and cushions. I'm also envisioning a (pink?) sheepskin strewn across the floor. I really like the minimalist decor featured in the images above, such fresh inspiration. How is your bedroom decorated?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Rosie in Cannes

 photo ROSIE-HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY-DIOR1_zpsae762fb6.jpg
 photo ROSIE-HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY-DIOR2_zpseec6f853.jpg
What an expert dress choice. I mean, how better can it get than to wear a cute Dior dress on the carpet in Cannes. She's a sweet vision. Plus I love a gown with pockets!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


  photo ash-leopardflats_zpscb367bf8.jpg
 photo ByMickBruzzese-YenAustralia-july2011_zpsa7d18e7d.jpg
 photo clutch-garancedore_zps0f71a874.jpg
Source: unknown/ Mick Bruzzese for Yen Australia July 2011/ GaranceDoré
I have a casual get together/dinner to go to tomorrow night so I'm looking thru computer folders for outfit inspo.
To skirt it or pants it, is the question.
Maybe I should just layer, bundle-up & layer again because it's getting so cold now...
with a red lippie, perhaps?

Monday, 20 May 2013

a perfect spring/fall outfit

 photo bySandraSemburg_zps47758c7f.jpg
Source: A Love Is Blind by Sandra Semburg

This is the kind of outfit I would love to wear in Spring/Autumn weather paired with a big, fat cardigan or parka. This is actually something I would wear everyday which is probably why it appeals to me so SO much. A bright, vibrant sweater (Stella McCartney!) + white jeans + ankle booties + bucket bag(!) + natural hair and minimal jewellery (a few rings and a necklace).

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Centeneran black

 photo Centeneraviaaltamiranyc_zps1d7f649e.jpg
 photo christinecentenerasstreetstyle_zps54fe04f7.jpg
Source: altamiranyc/ stockholmstreetstyle

A Christine Centenera update. You just know that her all-black looks are always going to look rad.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


 photo UrbanOutfittersFebruaryCatalogue2012_zpsee562268.jpg
 photo byBenMorris_zps29a273fc.jpg
 photo SoupMagazinebyBorisOvini_zps30918dc2.jpg
 photo SMOOTHIE-simplybreakfast_zpsfe66233e.jpg
Source: Urban Outfitters Feb Catalogue 2012/ Ben Morris/ Soup Magazine by Boris Ovini/ simplybreakfast
I love Saturdays.

Today I hung out with a friend, watched a movie (Olympus has Fallen) and ate chicken laksa at my favourite noodle restaurant. It was pretty much perfect and tasted just like it did four years ago. No compromise on taste.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


 photo DriesVanNotenFall2013-JakandJil_zps3c4f5867.jpg
 photo DriesVanNoten-Fall2013-viaStyledotcom_zps0191e40c.jpg
Source: JakandJil/

I'm sure you remember that the entire Dries Van Noten Fall 2013 RTW collection was phenomenal but I also want to draw attention to these beautifully embroidered heeled sandals. So chic paired with a cuffed tailored pant leg.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Céline Fall 2013 collection

 photo celinefall2013-1_zps332fcc9c.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-3_zpsa930c133.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-4_zps9b84ee8f.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-2_zps0b1fb8a8.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-5_zps30a07089.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-6_zpse7621e6d.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-8_zps2eeadc43.jpg
 photo celinefall2013-7_zps71d68a22.jpg
Source: Céline Fall 2013 via StuddedHearts

It's officially autumn in Oz right now. I've just unpacked all my stuff including summer clothes but I don't think I can wear any of it. Looking to the most recent Céline runway for new layering inspo. The simplicity of this collection is just beautiful, it gives me the warm fuzzies thinking about owning one of those coats.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

my instagram2

 photo IG1_zpsd33c852e.jpg
 photo IG3_zps56bee8c3.jpg
 photo IG4_zps1e6c7f9f.jpg
 photo IG5_zps18874d21.jpg
 photo IG2_zps9d713f34.jpg
 photo IG7_zps0cbc5de8.jpg
 photo IG6_zps439a6c67.jpg
 photo IG10_zpsf2c4fb68.jpg
 photo IG9_zps3878f13f.jpg
 photo IG8_zpsf162627e.jpg

I'm back in Australia now so I'll be posting a lot more images of home!
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