Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Fall stories

Here are some gorgeous fall outfits that will guarantee some head-turning on the streets if you happen to slip into any of them:
Michael Kors, Stella McCartney (last two)

For fall: fitted jackets, one-tone colors, gray hues, cashmere sweaters, pairing them with shades, belts, gloves, hats are the way to go. I'm so looking for a cape maybe not in khaki but one that's darker in color; black, gray, dark brown or even dark olive?!
Ralph Lauren, Hilary Duff

Monday, 30 July 2007

After-work dresses

Here are a few after-work outfits that you could spend the night in (all from designated 2007 Ready-to-Wear Fall runway collections):

1) Derek Lam: though you could probably wear this dress TO work since it's demure enough.
2) Alberta Ferretti: isn't the gray gradation, gorgeous?
3) Alberta Ferretti: i'm loving the sheer black mesh neckline and the further details on the dress even if it is just black.
4) Ralph Lauren: envying the perfect hour glass figure you get when wearing this outfit w/a cinched belt. Actually wear this one to work!!!
5) Ralph Lauren: elegant yet simple, long black dress with matching gloves
6) Valentino: loving the black mesh neckline again and the smooth fit. Beautiful beaded belt.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall '07

Oh my god, it's happened again...I've fallen head over heels in love with the newest collection . In one word I would describe it as absolute 'genius', the clothes are all just so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! I picked six of my fav's from his collection and these are the reasons why:1st- That is one yellow raincoat with over-sized buttons that I'd love to have in my closet , it's pouring in Seoul at the moment. I'm still obsessing over the yellow!
2nd- Knits are practically my fav staple, I love the pattern, collar and the gray tone of the sweater. The skirt is also showing some gorgeous folding and I like the nice touch of tying the matching scarf to the bag.
3rd- Tartan red is always awesome. The combination of the chunky stripes of the jacket and the thin stripes on the shirt complement each other well, and the khaki pants are another thumbs up.
4th- I still cannot get over the fact that I adore how those puffy, embroidered sleeves are coming out of the arms of that short black jacket, its absolutely divine!
5th- The classic marine/sailor look with all the right colors. As well as knits, I love to layer! Layer away~~it adds so much more interest to an outfit when you have diff. colours peeking out from everywhere.
6th- I'm admiring all the black tights under the lighter-shaded clothing concept. Contrasting colors is the way to go this fall. The chunky belt is just awesome.
Make sure to check out his runway collection too, it's also gorgeous!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring R/W 2007

I know I should be concerned about emptying my closet and researching all I can for the Autumn/Fall collections and scrutinise how it's going to affect our take on selecting future outfits yada yada....but reminiscing about the previous Spring collections is so much more fun. The Ferragamo collection caught my eye just with the use of this lovely canary-yellow colour. I adore all of the hair, the tanned legs, and above are all the outfits which I thought were best from the runway. The dresses are a dream and the detailed jackets, heavenly. I so don't want dreary fall to come, not just yet!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

On a whim

I absolutely love it when you're surfing the internet totally oblivious to anything and then you stumble on something absolutely miraculous. The Burberry Patent Beaton Bag. Quilted patent leather with polished nickel. I absolutely fell in lurrrrrve with the one in "stone" (left) but "trench" is fine too if you happen to have a few 1,975 dollars lying around, feel free to splurge!!!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Do you know about...

Akira Isogawa???
Actually I hope you know a LOT about Mr. Isogawa because he's one of Australia's most prominent contemporary designers...he sells in Paris for god's sake! You can probably guess from his name that he is Japanese and his clothes reflect a lot of eastern influences. I love his patterns and prints, his embellishments, rich colors and dear lord he REALLY can work that RED!!! The pictures above are a little "late" (according to fashion standards), they're from his Spring/Summer 2007 collection...and they are absolutely GORGEOUS! Check out those chic collars on the jackets, and I can so see myself in that cute black or white dress when toning down or wear the red if I want to be eye-catching! Click on http://www.akira.com.au/ if you want to see more of his other collections.

The Shoe

Wow, it's my first post and I have no idea what or who I'm going to write about. Let's start off with everyone's favorite = SHOES!!! :)
I'm really liking the emerald green color of these Jimmy Choos... and the fact that they're in silk satin means that they're going to be really comfy for your toes. Also the
crystal chain accessory gives it an extra bling- perfect for a Friday night dinner. Too bad they're 630 US dollars ( I don't even want to know how much that's going to be after tax and a currency change)...omg! 0_0