Friday, 29 November 2013

trending in Seoul: shearling jackets

 photo Acne-VELOCITE-SHEARLING-JACKET2_zpsa160dd6d.jpg
 photo acne-VELOCITE-SHEARLING-JACKET3_zps3547cf99.jpg
 photo wethepeople-emmanuellealt_zps6533f7db.jpg
 photo acne-Velocite-shearling-jacket_zps0de55343.jpg
Source: Acne/ WeThePeople

I think the biggest item that's trending in Seoul at the moment is the shearling motorcycle jacket. Most of the ones I've seen so far in the street shops are synthetic shearling though so if you want to go for the real deal (proabably a lot warmer too!) I would suggest getting yourself an ACNE one. Velocite is the style!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 photo PhilipKarlbergforElleinterior_zps1ed07faa.jpg
 photo miss-dior-cherie_zps9b00a844.jpg 
Source: Philip Karlberg for ELLE interior/ Miss Dior Cherie

This past week I've been staying mostly inside, sipping Japanese green tea and lighting candles that I brought with me from Australia. In fact, I have one lit right now and the whole room is starting to smell like candied butterscotch. Mmmm...
As per usual, the sudden cold weather has totally thrown my skin into limbo and I'm being forced to re-evaluate my current stash of moisturizing creams. I may have to actually go outside today to buy some more.

Monday, 25 November 2013

relaxed waves

 photo byTerryRichardson-VogueParis2006-1_zpse352cb4f.jpg
 photo backstageBelstaffSS2013_zps4a6f7056.jpg
 photo byEnricGalceraacutenforVogueTaiwanSeptember2011_zpsd59e70b3.jpg
 photo RosieforAutograph_zpsc67e9659.jpg
Source: Photos by Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris 2006/ Belstaff Spring-Summer 2013/ Enric Galceraacuten for Vogue Taiwan Sept 2011/ RosieforAutograph

I love getting my hair cut in Seoul. There is a particular salon that I go to in the E-dae area and I'm reminded of how truly lovely and stress-free the experience is everytime I visit. I love how they wash my hair and squeeze in a head massage afterwards and how they quietly place a blanket over my knees so I don't get cold. Yesterday I was there for my regular trim and my hairdresser always styles my hair afterwards (this time with relaxed curls)! There's classical music playing in the background and I feel like I can just close my eyes and relax for the next 45 minutes. Definitely my little slice of nirvana that I get to have in busy, busy Seoul.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

cashmere v-necks

 photo VogueSpainOct2013-byQuentindeBriey_zpsa06ab460.jpg
 photo seaofshoes_zps4c69b2d1.jpg
 photo DiorPerfumes-Autumn2013_zps94fb2bf4.jpg
 photo plaidclutch-le21eme_zpsf5d28c08.jpg
Source: Photos by Quentinde Briey for Vogue Spain Oct 2013/ seaofshoes/ Dior Perfumes Autumn 2013/ le21eme
Yesterday I went out for a dinner with friends + new people for the first time since coming back to Seoul and experienced such an unpleasant jab of city-snobbiness that it almost made me want to puke a little. Unpleasantries aside, today is a beautiful day outside and I just received my new sweater in the mailbox (it feels as good as 100% cashmere).

Thursday, 21 November 2013


 photo white-sweater_zpsdc1b52fe.jpg
Source: 8seconds

OMG guys! I'm in Seoul finally and it's so cold!!! On average, it's about five degrees outside even in the sunshine...just clicked over & purchased this cute white sweater, online shopping is the best when you don't want to move your butt.

Monday, 18 November 2013

big hair don't care

 photo david-bellemere-for-vogueparis-sept2013_zpsa20a041e.jpg
 photo GlamourUK-SimonEmmett-March2013_zps2fdb4727.jpg
Source: David Bellemere for Vogue Paris Sept 2013/ Simon Emmett for Glamour UK March 2013

I'm heading back to Seoul in a few hours. I've just finished packing my bags and am about to hop onto a bus heading to Sydney. The Seoul thing was a bit of a last minute date-switch and I don't think my brain has fully comprehended the fact that I will need to pull out my parka, bundle up in a scarf and let my hair down when I arrive. The next time I post I will be back in Korea & missing the sunshine!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The notebook

 photo MarianoVivanco-VogueMexicoJune_zps80ab3b7a.jpg
 photo PradaSS06-stevenmeisel_zpsb51d53ea.jpg
 photo mod_zps4835ce43.jpg 
Source: Photos by Mariano Vivanco for Vogue Mexico June/ Steven Meisel for Prada SS06/ unknown

Self-admittedly, I'm watching an unhealthy amount of rom-com DVDs: The Vow, Kate&Leopald, Valentine's Day and The Notebook to name a few, in-between packing my suitcases. The latter which sent me bawling. Future reference to self, DO NOT DO THAT while packing bags. Where am I going, you ask? Back to Seoul and the cold weather tomorrow!

Friday, 15 November 2013

lime green

 photo DianevonFustenbergSS13-1_zpsf0e58ce2.jpg
 photo DianevonFustenbergSS13-2_zpsafd93b9b.jpg
Source: Diane von Furstenberg SS13

I still remember this lime green keyhole maxi dress being the standout look coming down the DVF runway last year.

roses in my garden

 photo roses1_zpsb53d11fa.jpg
 photo roses2_zpsf05375e0.jpg
 photo roses4_zps306d6f61.jpg
 photo roses3_zpsa6da87b6.jpg
 photo roses5_zpsf410f628.jpg
Source: my own

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Gabriela Atanasov

 photo GabrielaAtanasovbyStyleTao_zps2f488a5c.jpg
 photo GabrielaAtanasovbyStyleTao2_zpsd94cfb38.jpg
Source: StyleTao

I absolutely love the plum lips. The perfect accessory to a beautiful floor length gown.

Monday, 11 November 2013

denim daze

 photo MarieClaireUSNov2013-byAingeruZorita_zpsbac4ad0f.jpg
Source: Photo by Aingeru Zorita for Marie Claire US Nov 2013

We've been having utterly miserable weather for the last two days. I mean, all it does is rain, rain, rain all day. I wanted to post this image before I go to bed because I really like the top that's featured...turns out it's a bikini top and therefore multipurpose!


Saturday, 9 November 2013

fendi monster

 photo fendikeychain_zps14b1e94c.jpg
 photo stockholmstreetstyle-fendimonster_zps245fd681.jpg
 photo DaniellaRech-fendiss2014backstage_zpsca2740d3.jpg
 photo Streetfsn-fendimonster_zps9bb0a315.jpg
 photo Streetfsn-fendimonster2_zps7f8c14cb.jpg
 photo stockholmstreetstyle-fendimonster_zpse5a212fc.jpg
Source: Stockholmstreetstyle/ fendiss2014backstage by DaniellaRech/ Streetfsn by Nam

I've been noticing these cute little critters adorning the handbags and clutches of their fashionable humans at fashion weeks around the world. Seriously, how much do they remind you of pygmy puffs?!!!


 photo marciano-guess_zpsf59daf9b.jpg
Source: Guess

I forgot what year this Marciano for Guess campaign image was released but I'm currently digging this sort of summerish vibe, girlfriends and high-waisted jeans.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ask me a question

I was weighing the merits of starting a tumblr or an account as a better medium for you guys to ask me questions but I finally decided on the latter because it was much more direct. So for those of you who wish to ask me any fashion queries or even just to say HI. *waves*

Click here.

Don't be shy but I do bite.

spring cleaning

 photo christinecentenerasperfumes-byJakandJil_zps0565c9c3.jpg
 photo BYRICHARDPHIBBSFORAMICAJULY2013_zpsa84008f5.jpg
Source: Photos by JakandJil/ Richard Phibbs for Amica July 2013

in the house!!!! Everything is turned upside-down right now. I found a box of mum's old clothes in the back of a linen closet but am deciding on whether I hit the jackpot or Sorting through it right now.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

RL Style guide

 photo stylenote1_zps53ba9740.jpg
 photo stylenote2_zpsd021088c.jpg
 photo stylenote3_zpsdb96a230.jpg
 photo stylenote4_zps8d73a899.jpg
 photo stylenote5_zps370ec2f2.jpg

 photo stylenote6_zpsb7606b93.jpg
 photo stylenote7_zpse81da16b.jpg

I've picked out a few tips that I like from Ralph Lauren's style notes series. Definitely useful for those of you who appreciate the RL aesthetic. More this way.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

comparison is the thief of joy

 photo bybillykiddfornumeacuterooctober2013_zpsde9cf42d.jpg
 photo Compared_zpsdc8092cd.jpg
 photo SimonUpton-Sept2013-HarperrsquosBazaarAustralia_zpsd3307c96.jpg
Source: Photos by Billy Kidd for Numero Oct 2013/ Heathersdish/ Simon Upton for Harper's Bazaar Australia Sept 2013

Friday, 1 November 2013

the colour of gold

 photo LachlanBailey-VogueSept2013-2_zpsea8dfd25.jpg
Source: Photos by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris Sept 2013

I don't know what it is about the French but they manage to somehow put together gold-with-gold and gold-on-gold jewellery adorned looks and not make it appear tacky (with anti hip hop vibes).