Sunday, 30 June 2013

dusky pink suede

 photo LEEOLIVEIRA-suede-paris_zps5b84af4f.jpg
 photo bbbeach_zps2a277cec.jpg
Source: LeeOliveira/ BobbiBrown

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

my instagram3

All of these Instagram shots are of food that I consumed in Korea and this post is simultaneously making me hungry plus miss being back in Seoul very much. Here are some snippets of what I like to eat:
 photo IG1_zpse8ecef87.jpg
Lunch with a view in G(K)angnam.
 photo IG2_zpsd4a0787a.jpg
Vege plate at my favourite French bistro in Seoul.
 photo IG3_zpsc328218e.jpg
JjamBbong and KkanPoonKi.
  photo IG4_zpsa1b24109.jpg
Nutella & vanilla ice-cream crepe.
 photo IG5_zpse53e7d4b.jpg
Turkey sandwich @ Café Mamas.
 photo IG6_zps7598404e.jpg 
Haha. Not food but some cutesy pink bags that I'd like to gobble up anyday.
 photo IG7_zps10bfcd1f.jpg
Waffles with the cousin :)
 photo IG8_zps77b963ce.jpg
Dolsot Bibimbap! One of my fave Korean dishes.
 photo IG9_zps47627b09.jpg
Cappuccino! Can never have enough of these.
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Friday, 28 June 2013

fitted denim

 photo suedebrogues-TheSart_zpsc365cf94.jpg
I don't really know why I'm so keen on discussing this with you guys but here are two great examples of people wearing fantastically fitted denim. The wash, length and fit are impeccable and this is a great model for dressing with your body in mind. The right fit in something as casual as jeans, makes or breaks the outfit.
 photo thewhiteshirt-stockholmstreetstyle_zpsb264ef02.jpg
Source: The Sartorialist/ StockholmStreetstyle
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Thursday, 27 June 2013

take me there

 photo byCihanAlpgiray-July2013-CosmopolitanTurkey-1_zpse169dd4d.jpg
 photo byCihanAlpgiray-July2013-CosmopolitanTurkey-3_zps5e6a3441.jpg
 photo byCihanAlpgiray-July2013-CosmopolitanTurkey-2_zpsf0983464.jpg
 photo byCihanAlpgiray-July2013-CosmopolitanTurkey-6_zps4eaf8a56.jpg
 photo byCihanAlpgiray-July2013-CosmopolitanTurkey-4_zpseae22fdf.jpg
 photo byCihanAlpgiray-July2013-CosmopolitanTurkey-5_zpsf856fb52.jpg
Source: Photos by Cihan Alpgiray for Cosmopolitan Turkey July 2013

I'm not having the best of days today and on top of that, I lost/somebody stole my Céline sunglasses which is a MAJOR bummer for me. 


Considering I only owned them for like four months. At least it was a passionate four months, hey.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kimberley's sketches

 photo Kimberley-Gordon-Wildfox-Pin-Up-Sketch-Exclusive-to-Nordstrom-blog-2_zpsb917fb59.jpg
 photo Kimberley-Gordon-Wildfox-drawings_zpsbb512677.jpg
 photo Kimberley-Gordon-Wildfox-Pin-Up-Sketch-Exclusive-to-Nordstrom-blog_zps17d8ea6c.jpg
 photo Kimberley-Gordon-Wildfox-artroom_zps4486013c.jpg
 photo Kimberley-Gordon-Wildfox-Pin-Up-Sketch-Exclusive-to-Nordstrom-blog-1_zps660d460b.jpg
 photo Kimberley-Gordon-Wildfox_zps255ba1a7.jpg
Source: Nordstrom blog/ ilovewildfox

Kimberley Gordon of Wildfox Couture is such a beautiful artist. I love her whimsy portraiture & watercolour sketches.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

oh oh oh

 photo myblackbooties_zpsde889f0c.jpg
My instagram: fashion_tidbits

After a long search, I finally found them! A pair of black leather booties and these ones are by Aussie-label, Joanne Mercer. I like how they don't go up as high on the ankle and because they're flat-heeled, are very comfortable to walk around in. I got them for such a great deal too.

Happy days.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

wide-legged pants

 photo Chloeacute-Resort-2014-2_zps9ce3c9d3.jpg
 photo TheRowResort2014_zps781e1083.jpg
Source: Chloé Resort 2014/ The Row Resort 2014

Trust me, you're talking to a die-hard skinny pants lover over here but I really adore these slouchy wide-legged pants paired with chunky heels. Love the mosaic background of the whole Chloé Resort collection, these particular shades of blue make me feel all daydreamy.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

the engagement

 photo Numeacutero144byGregKadel_zps2f4d4c07.jpg
 photo viadesiretoinspiredotnet_zpsa5f35386.jpg
 photo blackdress-unknown_zps701ce63a.jpg
Source: Photos by Greg Kadel for Numero #144/ desiretoinspire/ unknown

I am off to an engagement party at my friend's house this evening! Gotta go get ready and bust out a sparkly, black dress & heels. Toodles.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

mellow yellow

 photo MiHJeansSpringSummer2012Lookbook-vanessajackman_zps40bd8737.jpg
 photo MassimoDuttiJune2011LookbookbyGemmaEdo_zpsc36a913a.jpg
 photo mellowyellow-le21eme_zpse1e0ba0c.jpg
 photo maud_heline-garancedore_zpsf72586b6.jpg
Source: Photos by Vanessa Jackman for MiH Jeans SS 2012 Lookbook/ Gemma Edo for Massimo Dutti June 2011 Lookbook/ le21eme/ GaranceDore

Yesterday I ended up watching Hangover 3 (meh) with a friend and eating slices of sweet & sour tarte au citron. I'm trying to find a pair of black flat-heeled boots in the sales but the plan is failing miserably. Why is it so hard to find a good-quality leather boot?!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


 photo Kinfolk-Magazine-Vol-7-2_zps35873272.jpg
 photo BlushingballerinaRalphLaurenResort2014_zps1acd9f29.jpg
 photo KK-Paris_VersaceSpring2002_zps5b8c80f4.jpg
 photo fashion-toastflorals_zps503abf04.jpg
Source: Kinfolk Magazine Vol-7-2/ Ralph Lauren Resort 2014/ Versace Spring 2002/ FashionToast

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Sunday, 16 June 2013


 photo redpants_zpsbff07786.jpg
Source: my own

It's my favourite type of sale season in the shops right now, STOCKTAKE sale season! Whoop whoop. Here's a sneaky shot that I took of my outfit while in the fitting rooms and well, I guess I match the carpet. Ended up buying the black shirt that I'm holding onto too. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

tucked in, tucked out

 photo IsabelMarantEacutetoileFall-Winter2013-2014-3_zps8fd045b8.jpg
 photo IsabelMarantEacutetoileFall-Winter2013-2014-2_zps29bfe4b0.jpg
 photo IsabelMarantEacutetoileFall-Winter2013-2014-1_zps84e66418.jpg
Source: Photos by Karim Sadli for Isabel Marant Etoile Fall-Winter 2013-14


Thursday, 13 June 2013


 photo LEEOLIVEIRA-promise_zps723d8aef.jpg
 photo le21eme-redness_zps0245bf52.jpg
 photo jessalba_zps99fbad2e.jpg
Source: Photos by Lee Oliveira/ le21eme/ unknown

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

denim + trench

 photo denimtrench-jakandji_zps15ab5b8c.jpg
Source: jakandjil

It was raining cats and dogs today. All I wanted to do was snuggle under the covers and sip some steaming pumpkin soup all day but life got in the way. This is when one needs a trench coat in their life, huh? I actually have my hungry eye on this black Zimmermann one...but perhaps I should save the silk for a non-rainy day?

Monday, 10 June 2013

the roaring twenties

 photo byRonyShramforSokozineIssue5_zpsa1fd8bb5.jpg
 photo VogueJapanApril2013byCamillaAkrans-2_zpsb96bfd21.jpg
 photo pradaa_zps1be45aef.jpg
 photo RalphLaurenSS11-1_zps543026dc.jpg
 photo prada_zps6b408d2d.jpg
Source: Photos by Rony Shram for Sokozine Issue 5/ Camilla Akrans for Vogue Japan April 2013/ unknown/ Ralph Lauren SS 2011/ unknown

I saw The Great Gatsby today and OH MY GAWD the costumes, the dresses, the jewels were so amazing!!! Take me back to the 20's in New York! Did you see it? I just had to give a mini tribute to Miuccia Prada and of course, Catherine Martin, because it takes two to tango.