Monday, 28 April 2014

the summer heat

 photo Hilary-Walsh-GlamourFranceJune2014-3_zps2a478e09.jpg
 photo balenciagaheelsbyNam_zpsf46911cb.jpg
 photo ElleFranceJune2013-by-Ben-Morris-2_zps78da531e.jpg
 photo Hilary-Walsh-GlamourFranceJune2014-1_zps80f57b3e.jpg
 photo GraziaFranceJuly2012_zps37c96d83.jpg
 photo Hilary-Walsh-GlamourFranceJune2014-2_zps468240bd.jpg
 photo MikaelJansson-VogueParisMay2014_zps375f4e99.jpg
 photo IMKOO_accessories_zps6eb66514.jpg
 photo ElleVietnam-StocktonJohnson-April2014_zpsb3e4c691.jpg
 photo ElleUSJAN2012-brunostaub_zpsd97ced4c.jpg
Source: Photos by Mikael Jansson for Vogue Paris May 2014/ Hilary Walsh for Glamour France June 2014/ Bruno Staub for Elle US Jan 2012/ Stockton Johnson for Elle Vietnam April 2014/ Grazia France July 2012/ IMKOO/ Nam/ Ben Morris for Elle France June 2013

I want this so badly, I can almost taste it.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

helmut lang part two

 photo HELMUTLANG10_zpsc06e45f5.jpg
 photo HELMUTLANG9_zps16401883.jpg
 photo HELMUTLANG8_zps40fc243c.jpg
 photo HELMUTLANG11_zps0b0bb58f.jpg
 photo HELMUTLANG13_zpscefb92bd.jpg
 photo HELMUTLANG12_zps264b73c6.jpg
 photo HELMUTLANG14_zps49dbf672.jpg

Monday, 21 April 2014

helmut lang part one

 photo Helmut_Lang_Fall_2001-1_zpsa8363d8c.jpg
 photo Helmut_Lang_Fall_2001-3_zpsb0fc0b7d.jpg
 photo Helmut_Lang_Fall_2001-5_zpsa0b17f5b.jpg
 photo Helmut_Lang_Fall_2001-4_zps8d24509a.jpg
 photo Helmut_Lang_Fall_2001-6_zps71d98cd7.jpg
 photo Helmut_Lang_Fall_2001-2_zps2a7742b5.jpg
 photo Helmut_Lang_Fall_2001-7_zps89c77c0e.jpg

I'm tired of the clothes that are in stores nowadays and I'm feeling very sartorially uninspired. I miss the Helmut Lang era when designs were clean and austere. 

Back to black.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


 photo jessica_alba_elle_magazine_4_zpsbcb56b8e.jpg
 photo netaporter-theedit-jessica-1_zps91c189c9.jpg
 photo jessica_alba_elle_magazine_2_zps9f21fcfc.jpg
Source: ELLE magazine Nov 2006/ netaporter-the edit

This one is filed under hair inspo.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

wild orchids

 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-1_zps02335f42.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-2_zps8384a503.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-4_zps62893daa.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-3_zps6e6b19a8.jpg
 photo ToniMaticevskiRTW-SS1415-6_zpsf4f50f28.jpg
Source: Toni Maticevski S/S 2014-15

I don't know if you're up to speed with the collections at Australian fashion week but the floral presentations hanging out of the models' mouths at Toni Maticevski were just stunning.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

LV summer

 photo LouisVuittonSummer2014Catalogue-1_zps7b1ce2df.jpg
 photo LouisVuittonSummer2014Catalogue-2_zps583eefa9.jpg
 photo LouisVuittonSummer2014Catalogue-3_zpsc14019b0.jpg
Source: Louis Vuitton Summer 2014 Catalogue


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

life through wool

Source: Country Road

So...I have news. I may be moving back to Australia imminently. This time for good.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

packing for a summer beach vacay

 photo yellow-bikini1_zps3b8a78d5.jpg
Okay, an imaginary beach vacation since I'm still stuck in Seoul. Hapari kindly sent over a swimsuit in prep for the impending Summer so I sat down and put together a few things that I would take with me to a hypothetical tropical destination. A lot of sunscreen and samples beacuse who wants to lug all the heavy stuff to the waterside: Kiehl's Creme de corps body moisturizer, Innisfree camellia curling hair essence, Nuxe creme nirvanesque, Skin79 BB (it has SPF50 !), Avène creme emolliente, Coles sunscreen, Botanic Hill Boh moist youth ampoule essence, Petitzel mango jelly (girl's gotta snack), loud accessories and a stripey beach towel!!!
 photo yellow-bikini2_zpsb5ad22c3.jpg
The style of the bikini is called the Mikado tie front string bikini, which I chose because of the criss-cross design in front that makes it a little different and more interesting than the average top. You can mix and match with different bottoms but I prefer good coverage so I went with the Mikado regular bottoms. I did have a bit of a postage issue but their customer service was excellent and the problem was quickly smoothed over. 

This is my first yellow-coloured bikini so I'm super excited to slip into this one! Now if only I had that plane ticket...

gossip girl

 photo gg1_zpsfe0d58d1.jpg
 photo gg2_zpsd5ac9f47.jpg
 photo gg3_zpsb02e19f0.jpg
Source: CW

I'm in the middle of a Gossip Girl marathon which is why I've been a little MIA as of late. Almost at the end....starting season five right now//

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Marvin's room

The song that I have on repeat.