Friday, 30 May 2014

here comes the sun

 photo bypatrickdemarchelierforluckyjune2014_zpsd8967859.jpg
 photo bypatrickdemarchelierforluckyjune2014-3_zps064a5657.jpg
 photo bypatrickdemarchelierforluckyjune2014-2_zpsdb14b958.jpgSource: Photos by Patrick Demarchelier for Lucky magazine June 2014

This South African bombshell totally belongs on the beach. In her element.
All these popsicle colours have me craving for summer sunshine...

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blake at Cannes

 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-3_zps2b0f921c.jpg
 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-2_zps3485a083.jpg
 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-4_zpsec370a46.jpg
 photo Blake-Lively-Cannes-GucciPremiegravere-1_zpsbb360d21.jpg
Source: tFS

Blake Lively wore a Gucci Première dress at the Cannes Film Festival this year. What I really liked about this look overall was her hairstyle since I really love the chunky, super-long ponytail braid look. I think the messiness of it balances out the elegance and stiffness of the whole red-carpet affair nicely.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Friday, 23 May 2014

Banksia serrata

 photo banksia_zps14d29b4f.jpg
Source: my own

It's been my second week back home and I'm still adjusting to everything again because, well, Korea and Australia is so fundamentally different. Total brain overload.
My mum gifted me this beautiful journal that has a watercolour painting of native Banksia (a type of Australian flora) on the cover, it's absolutely beautiful. The silver trinket is also something that hasn't left my left wrist in awhile.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Yves Saint Laurent calla

 photo YSLFW2012_zps528e4147.jpg
Source: YSL F/W 2012

The type of designer jewellery that I'm into.

Monday, 19 May 2014

hint of yellow

 photo miniyellowboy-leeoliveira_zps84fc5b61.jpg
 photo VogueSpainJune2011CoverbyAlexiLubomirski_zps73de8a9e.jpg
 photo viahttpmisswallflowertumblr_zps64569499.jpg
 photo vanillascented-wishlist_zpsd2ddcaa3.jpg
 photo yellowheel_zpsb2bf8d77.jpg
 photo AnneValeacuterieHashSS2011Paris_zpsb003df34.jpg
 photo byMaxAbadianforFlareJune2011_zps1c1e9ac4.jpg
 photo VogueUSAugust2010byInezampVinoodh-1_zpsde7bb5f5.jpg
Source: Photos by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Spain June 2011/ Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue US August 2010/ Lee Oliveira/ The Sartorialist/ Max Abadian for Flare magazine June 2011/ misswallflower/ Anne Valérie Hash S-S 2011/ Vanillascented

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The new Row

 photo the-row-la-7_zps56640e80.jpg
 photo the-row-la-8_zpse3bd7a9a.jpg
 photo the-row-la-6_zpsc6220b99.jpg
 photo the-row-la-5_zps92a59478.jpg
 photo the-row-la-2_zpsfe64febc.jpg
 photo the-row-la-4_zpsc804b90f.jpg
 photo the-row-la-DonatoSardella-1_zpsd0f42f8c.jpg
 photo the-row-la-3_zps2974f92c.jpg 
Source: Photos by Donato Sardella at WWD

The Row flagship store on Melrose Place in Los Angeles.

Friday, 16 May 2014

blue planet

 photo JuneMarieClaireUKbyDavidRoemer-2_zps77bfe066.jpg
 photo JuneMarieClaireUKbyDavidRoemer-1_zpse9658d22.jpg
 photo JuneMarieClaireUKbyDavidRoemer-4_zps0f7e4a0c.jpg
 photo JuneMarieClaireUKbyDavidRoemer-3_zps1ce05ddc.jpg
Source: Photos by David Roemer for Marie Claire UK June 2014

I had to post this just for that silk organza Kenzo dress. Stunning.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

l'âme du voyage

 photo peterlindberghforwspecialeditionmay2014-1_zps61eba338.jpg
 photo peterlindberghforwspecialeditionmay2014-2_zps6a590a09.jpg
 photo peterlindberghforwspecialeditionmay2014-5_zpsd7e073eb.jpg
 photo peterlindberghforwspecialeditionmay2014-4_zpsde501868.jpg
 photo peterlindberghforwspecialeditionmay2014-3_zpsf68e2e4d.jpg
 photo peterlindberghforwspecialeditionmay2014-6_zps02fb5f91.jpgSource: Photos by Peter Lindbergh for W Magazine Special Edition May 2014

These photographs are just magnificent. I wish all editorials and lookbooks would look and feel like this- like the images are telling you a story.

Monday, 12 May 2014

white fur

 photo whitefur_zps8df00aa6.jpg
Source: Stockholm streetstyle

I haven't been inspired by streetstyle in a while...this outfit is fantastic.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


 photo oliverpeoples1_zps55b30d7e.jpg
 photo oliverpeoples2_zps1cbe6c03.jpg
Source: my own

Hello from Australia. I snagged these Oliver Peoples aviators at the duty-free shops on my way here, finally! I bought these after a three year wild goose chase for this particular model. It's apparently very elusive in Oz. Anyhow, I'm so happy that I got them! xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

seoul life

I've been enjoying city life these last couple of weeks since I have a flight back to Australia at the end of this week. Since this will be a permanent move, I've spent the majority of my time away from the computer and instead hanging with friends, eating good food and wandering around the streets of Seoul. Here are a few pictures of what I've been up to: the Yeido Cherry Blossom Festival.
  photo seoullife-8_zps2c5604c2.jpg
A week later and all the trees are as green as can be.
 photo seoullife-6_zps8121a596.jpg
Korean traditional-style buildings in Insadong.
 photo seoullife-9_zps86cbfbdc.jpg
At a Japanese teppanyaki in Hongdae.
 photo seoullife-4_zps6a8179ee.jpg
The line at my local Starbucks (peep at winter street style)
 photo seoullife-10_zpsae572c2b.jpg
At Harvest, in Namsan. My new favourite eating place. It's the cutest little restaurant where they grow their own natural herbs and flowers they use in their food.
 photo seoullife-3_zpsbb13d519.jpg
Ricotta cheese and roast pumpkin salad at Harvest.
 photo seoullife-2_zps5f5553cd.jpg
Trying out the latest department store ice-cream craze. Softree milk with honeycomb chips.
 photo seoullife-5_zpse940d245.jpg
My Pimm's cup at ELBONthetable in Itaewon.
 photo seoullife-1_zps0b5e32e7.jpg
Cute white top I saw in Zara. Eyelet lace and embroidery is a big Spring trend in Seoul right now.
 photo seoullife-7_zpse7b3f06c.jpg
Now on to packing my suitcase...