Monday, 29 December 2014

blooming bouquet

 photo Miss-dior-perfume_zps7ea95a6c.jpg
Source: my own

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY BLOG READERS!!!! I hope you all had a lovely xmas filled with love and family cheer. I basically rolled myself home on Christmas Day after a whole day of eating. HAHA. For xmas I received this Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet EDT. I LURRVE IT. Did you guys get any xmas presents? 

Hopefully I will be able to blog again before the year is up but if not, see you on the flip side!

Monday, 15 December 2014

summer is here!

 photo rosieandcandicerooftopphotoshoot_zpsc8f5b948.jpg
 photo forloveamplemons-summer-2014-lookbook-ZoeyGrossman_zps06b1adbd.jpg
 photo MarloesHorstforMiHJeansSpring2011CampaignbyMagnusKlackenstam-2_zpsf032c08d.jpg
 photo candice_s_zps07d17241.jpg
 photo byLucasPassmore_zpscf18c6fd.jpg
 photo RayanAyashinSchoumlnMagazineno21-1_zps3953f980.jpg
 photo RayanAyashinSchoumlnMagazineno21-2_zps8f9b1fe0.jpg
 photo ElleItalyOctober2014-byMattJones_zps8412d332.jpg
Source: Photos by Lucas Passmore/ Matt Jones for Elle Italy Oct 2014/ Zoey Grossman for Love&Lemons summer 2014 lookbook/ Magnus Klackenstam for MiH Jeans Spring 2011 Campaign/ Rayan Ayash for Schön! Magazine no.21

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sephora haul

 photo sephora-sydney_zps3ef70766.jpg
Source: my instagram (@fashion_tidbits)

When I was up in Sydney I had to go to the new Sephora store on Pitt Street! It was kind of nuts in there because there were soooo many people. Truth be told, it wasn't the most pleasant shopping experience. I felt like I grabbed a bunch of stuff and was waiting in the check-out line for a long while. I made sure to pick up a few Sephora brand products: lip liner in Real Red, Universal waterproof lip liner, Color Lip Last 10 hr wear lipstick in Blooming Rose and an eye shadow in Morning Mocha (which I plan to use for my brows). I also picked up Benefit's Bronze 'n' Dandy kit that includes a mini Hoola bronzing powder, Dandelion brightening powder and lip glosses.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Alannah Grace’s art journals

 photo AlannahGraceartjournals-2_zpsff2e8b4f.jpg
 photo AlannahGraceartjournals-1_zps379667a0.jpg
 photo AlannahGraceartjournals-4_zpsc764884c.jpg
 photo AlannahGraceartjournals-6_zpsbcc5dd30.jpg
 photo AlannahGraceartjournals-5_zpsd064ba3f.jpg
 photo AlannahGraceartjournals-3_zps2cfa7ed0.jpg

Are these not the most beautiful scrapbooks you've ever seen? I remember doing something similar when I was a child (but nowhere as pretty). These pages are so inspiring and fill me with such warmth.

Friday, 12 December 2014


 photo EmilioPucciFall2014-1_zpsf53db60b.jpg
 photo EmilioPucciFall2014-4_zpsd55dfab4.jpg
 photo EmilioPucciFall2014-3_zps0d36e409.jpg
 photo EmilioPucciFall2014-2_zps070a57e7.jpg
Source: tFS

I'm back from Sydney! 
I still can't get over this Emilio Pucci Fall 2014 asymmetrical gown Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore to amfAR 2014. 
It's sooooo gorgeous.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


 photo ByScottTrindleForVogueParisNov2014-1_zpse3c53179.jpg
 photo ByScottTrindleForVogueParisNov2014-2_zps3a6eac3a.jpg
 photo ByScottTrindleForVogueParisNov2014-3_zpsfd6af606.jpg
 photo ByScottTrindleForVogueParisNov2014-4_zpse614b6da.jpg
Source: Photos by Scott Trindle For Vogue Paris Nov 2014

For the next couple of days!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

beauty product expiration dates

Mascara: Three months from opening.
Lipstick: One year.
Nail polish: One year.
Moisturizers and serums: Six months to one year. 
Sunscreen and topical acne medication: Depends (on package exp. date). 
Hairspray: Two to three years.
Shampoo: One year. 
Makeup sponges: Weekly.

 photo whentothrowoutyourbeautyproducts_zps0e2453af.jpg

Hello lovelies. I'm going through a bit of a rough patch in life/ blogging slump at the moment so the computer is the least of my worries. My sincere apologies for the sporadic postings....
However, I came across this article on Harper's Bazaar and I thought it may be useful to you guys as well. I have always wanted to know the shelf-life of certain cosmetic products and am much more aware of it now since the weather is getting hotter and I want to use my products hygienically.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

flawless finish

 photo EA_concealer_zps0b331487.jpg
Source: my own

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Maximum Coverage Concealer in Light 02. A long name for such a itty-bitty pot of concealer. But seriously, it's the cutest compact with a mirror that I have ever used.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Happy Sunday!

 photo ByDanMartensenForElleItaliaNov2014-1_zps90ca2927.jpg
 photo ByDanMartensenForElleItaliaNov2014-3_zpsd700b4a1.jpg
 photo ByDanMartensenForElleItaliaNov2014-4_zpsec24ad53.jpg
 photo ByDanMartensenForElleItaliaNov2014-2_zpsdf88c0ad.jpg
Source: Photos by Dan Martensen for ELLE Italia Nov 2014

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


 photo ByMartinLidellForGraziaChinaSeptember2014-1_zps933e1aa9.jpg
 photo ByMartinLidellForGraziaChinaSeptember2014-2_zpsabb6af0c.jpg
 photo ByMartinLidellForGraziaChinaSeptember2014-6_zps906f35df.jpg
 photo ByMartinLidellForGraziaChinaSeptember2014-4_zps94aaf584.jpg
 photo ByMartinLidellForGraziaChinaSeptember2014-3_zps20a1f812.jpg
 photo ByMartinLidellForGraziaChinaSeptember2014-5_zps95824802.jpg
Source: Photos by Martin Lidell for Grazia China Sept 2014

That Liu Wen- cute as a button!

Monday, 3 November 2014


 photo MarieClaireBelgiumOct2014byHichamRiad_zps8e32ffe7.jpg
 photo by-santiago-mauricio-sierra-for-vamp-magazine-fall-winter-2014_zpsfe9fa04e.jpg
 photo Costume-Norway-Nov2014-bybyAkilaBerjaoui_zpsbe0597f3.jpg
 photo stockholm-streetstyle-chloe-two-girls_zps6def6056.jpg
 photo loveandlemons-holiday-2014lookbook-by-ZoeyGrossman_zps0c50c7bc.jpg
Source:  Photos by Santiago Mauricio Sierra for Vamp magazine FW 2014/ Stockholm streetstyle/ Hicham Riad for Marie Claire Belgium Oct 2014/ Akila Berjaoui for Costume Norway Nov 2014/ Zoey Grossman for Love and Lemons Holiday 2014 lookbook

A series of photographs that are currently haunting me and intriguing me right now.

Friday, 31 October 2014


 photo byVladimirMartiacuteforFashionGoneRogue_zps57af6b6f.jpg
Source: Photo by Vladimir Martí for Fashion Gone Rogue

I haven't had working internet for at least two weeks which has been a surprisingly good/bad thing but now I'm back!

Happy Halloween my lovelies!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

gone girl

 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-1_zpsc2ad7aa8.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-2_zps2e664229.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-4_zps93563ce8.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-5_zps0a75f305.jpg
 photo by-Henrik-Buumllow-For-Eurowoman-Nov-2014-3_zpsd05efded.jpg
Source: Photos by Henrik Bülow for Eurowoman Nov 2014

I'm going to the movies to see Gone Girl right now. I heard it's really good~~

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

but keep on smiling

 photo BennyHorne-vogue-spain-sept-2014-1_zps24a8d35b.jpg
 photo BennyHorne-vogue-spain-sept-2014-2_zps9445c436.jpg
 photo BennyHorne-vogue-spain-sept-2014-3_zpseeb841e0.jpg 
Source: Photos by Benny Horne for Vogue Spain Sept 2014 

Murky weather inspiration.