Saturday, 29 March 2008

Part 1: Seoul Fashion Week F/W 08-09

Well I'm back. Two exams and four trips to the acupuncturists is rapidly curing my severely sprained ankle. This was the first time for me in resorting to some sort of Chinese Medicine plus I'm not so fond of needles you see...but apparently for sprained ankles and joints and what not acupuncture is the way to go (dad and the grandma says it too!) and from first hand experience I can tell you that this is rightly so. What would have taken a month to properly heal has been achieved in about a week and a half. Anyways, you're probably dying to hear about what I got up to at the Seoul Collection where I managed to attend one runway show. Did the GossipGirl pictures happen to distract you while I was away? (am fully hooked by the way, after three episodes I totally agree that the fashion is outstanding). Seoul Fashion Week has been held at the SETEC center (before it was at COEX) twice a year since 2001. It was an initiative created by the Seoul Fashion Center(SFC) and the Korea Fashion Association as a means to boost interest in Korean fashion, promote fashion industry and to provide an opportunity for Korean designers to allure domestic and foreign buyers. What I love about this is the fact that the shows are open to the public. Purchase a ticket and you're in to see the show of your choice providing there's space after all the VIPs and buyers have taken their places. But it's still better than not attending at all right? I don't see many everyday people seeing the shows at Bryant Park and welcomed with open arms.
So, who did I see?I was almost late for the Y&M Yang Sung Sook show because of the darn foot being sprained an hour beforehand. I arrived limping and much too late for a better seat than the one I got so this is the reason for all the dodgy pics above because my camera stinks (my apologies). The guest card was wonderfully hooked around the neck of a bottle of H2O explaining the theme of the collection, materials used, inspiration ecetera (would've liked to have shown you but camera is a battery-eating monster). For the moment make do with this.The important bits are in English. The reason why I picked this particular show was actually quite simple. The reason being because of time restrictions, exams and the fact that I was unaware of many of the designers shown (let's face it, they're not THAT well known- it's not Milan here people). I myself was aware of only a handful of local designers. So I picked this particular one because the words: WOOL, CASHMERE and GRADATION stood out to me in her materials description (checked it out on the web beforehand). And I'm glad I did. I LOVED the gradation she used on her skirts, the puffiness of her coats, the folding on the necklines and the backline were just as interesting as the front (the back is VERY important to moi). I wanted all her accessories- the clutch bags and shoe textures were fabulous. The show also reminded me yet again of how important the models are in presenting the clothes and the image of the brand. There was a certain Caucasian model who walked almost feet first at a 70 degree angle. Maybe it's that particular model's "walk" but it didn't work for me as a viewer watching that model work the clothes (I was more distracted by herself). Again sorry for the pictures, I leave you with some pics of the collection taken by the official press who have much better photo graphical talents than me and BETTER SEATS! (I'll update part 2 soon)

Friday, 21 March 2008

Limping to the runway

Something terrible happened. I seriously sprained my ankle today going down the stairs and it was SO bad that I almost thought about not going to the show.
But I did go- I went limping in pain with everyone staring at me as I passed by. I swear, the craziest things I do for fashion. If my mum found out she would so give me a telling off! I categorize my condition as obsession or pure madness. (Still glad I went. *wincing*. Can't write any more for today)

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Uhhh bangs?

Apparently Vanessa Hudgens (of High School Musical- funny that I still haven't seen it-it's like I know her but I don't know the reason why she's famous for it) has gotten a new fringe. Rachel Bilson got hers done recently as well. Is this a call for major forehead hair-hacking this Spring? No, siree. I'm very happy with the fact that I'm currently growing mine out and the rest of my hair for that matter. What I'm really interested in is the braid of hair that Vanessa has got going on ABOVE her fringe. I so want this! But I have a feeling that hers is a hair braided headband. Does anyone know how to do this hairstyle? Or where to get these sort of headbands?

p.s I recently purchased tickets to see a fashion show for the Fall '08 Seoul Collection. I love the fact that this is partly open to the public! After weighing down my choices, 'Y&M Yang Sung Sook' is what I'll be seeing on the runway tomorrow at 5. Can't wait!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


My dears, I love 3.1 Phillip Lim. There are no words to express my desire to wear each and every one of his clothes. With this current wave of designer-consumer marketing, collaborations seem to be popping up all know what I'm talking about. First Alexander Wang (this May, folks!) and now my prayers have been heard (especially if it's anything like his Fall 07' collection). 3.1 Phillip Lim for Gap will become a reality for everyone in the US, Canada and Japan. How come all of these collab things stop at Japan? Urgh, is Seoul not as important or something??? It feels like someone is dangling a Krispy Kreme doughnut in front of my face but I'm not allowed to eat it. I tell you, ME WANTS MY SHARE IN THIS MASS CONSUMERISM!!!

Ranting over, now I really have to get back to study (only one exam done and over). Oooo I tried to get tickets for Lie Sang Bong's Fall '08 show that's showing at the Seoul Collection this week but they were all sold out like hotcakes. I got tickets for another show though, will tell you about it tomorrow....ta-ra

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Lie Sang Bong

I'm sure some of you are familiar with the Korean designer Lie Sang Bong. His designs infuse elements of Korea, dashes of French imperialism influenced by his intrigue for historical empires. From an outsider’s perspective, his clothes seem very unique, with splashes of colour and quite avantgarde yet still giving off that wiff of romantic touch which convinces you that you could possibly wear one of his runway outfits in real life. You can find Korean calligraphy, prints, illustrations and written Hangul on many of his dresses and shirts. From his Spring/Summer ’07 runway collection.

Below are pictures from his latest Spring/Summer 08’ collection. We all know how florals are big nowadays but I believe that he's presented flowers in a whole new dimension. He is a current fixture on the runways in Paris and Seoul so I'm quite excited that he will be participating in the Fall 2008 Seoul Collection week held from 17th-24th of March. I am hoping to get tickets for his show or any other for that matter, there are always some good designers exhibiting at the Seoul Collections every year. I don’t know how I will manage to squish three exams between these events though. I really don’t want to jeopardized my chances with if you don't hear from me it'll probably be because of preoccupation with the latter.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Scandal of one thousand days

I've already had a lot of feedback from a lot of people that MY most-awaited film of the year- "The Other Boleyn Girl" based on the novel by Philippa Gregory is a total flop. How disappointing! I loved the book so much I just re-read it again to recollect my memories before I actually watch the film (it comes out on the 20th of March in Korea). Why my obsession? I am totally in love with period dramas, films, art, books...I think it's fascinating to observe lifestyles of different ages. It's the eloquent clothes, the witty speech! Who doesn't want to speak around in circles to make a point for minutes on end?! My absolute favourite is the BBC series of 'Pride and Prejudice' that was on the tele a while back. Did anyone see it? (Darcy was played by the scrumptious Colin Firth!) Anyhow, countries tend to release the same Hollywood movies but with different titles (for what purpose than to make it more appropriate for audiences of that country??!!! I suppose)? Ours is quite inappropriately named "Scandal of one thousand days" (literally translated) it totally blows off the idea about who's the who of the Boleyn girls which is an integral part of the story. I also think that they may have poorly cast the role of King Henry VIII. Eric Bana is a fantastic actor but I was thinking of someone with more volatile a character and perhaps a bit more copper-haired! They should have cast a 'nobody' to play the part.Natalie Portman looks fab in the French court-styled dresses, non? I think the emerald colour is gorgeous, a little vivid for those times but still beautiful. So what do the others think? I'm still going to watch the movie, it has two of my fave actresses in it for crying out loud but what are your opinions of the book or movie if you've read or seen it, or even if you haven't?

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Joyful tears

Speaking of collaborations, guess what I found out? Please do not refrain from squealing in delight here. I shop quite a lot at Uniqlo (they have some awesome basics for the wardrobe!)
and I love Alexander Wang! How much did I enjoy the grungyness of his Fall 08' collection...A LOT!!!

Uniqlo + Alexander Wang = Pure ecstacy

Yes, if you still haven't caught on, he will be designing a capsule collection for the one and only! Apparently the collection will be a tiny 8-piecer and sold ONLY during May of this year with prices between $29-$79 dollars! How fabulous is that?!!! This is where I can't squeal without's only happening in the US.

Oh, you lucky Americans...give Target Australia some slack, eh? :P

EDIT: Wonderful news! Apparently it will be available in the UK too!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Never too much of Natalie

Well, you've probably figured out by now (considering all those posts) that I adore Natalie Portman. And guess who's on the April 2008 cover for US Elle Magazine? Don't you just love 'er? (Or is that just me with the obsession?) And yes, that is faux leather folks, don't worry. Faux leather from H&M in fact!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

4 words

Modern day Maid Marian.
Hermes Fall '08

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Zac Posen for Target

I recently found out that Zac Posen will be designing a collection (only) for Target Australia. It will be launched on April 3rd for all those lucky Aussies out there. There is a 'glamour' and 'tailored' collection with the price range being well above a hundred dollars for each piece. Opinions on the affordability of this range anyone???!!! Doesn't this defeat the purpose of the clothes being sold at TARGET?