Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The first birthday

Without even knowing how much time has passed, Fashion Tidbits' first anniversary has just zoomed by and I am giddy with the delight of having blogged for just over a year. I'd just like to say a huge thank you to my fellow bloggers/readers who have been there from the beginning and those who are yet to be future readers, I heartily welcome you all!
May we blog forever! This lovely picture is found here.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Be back in a month

I know, but where I'll be going there won't be any internet connection.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

What's life without yummy food?

My lunch the other day. Mind you, it was an atrociously expensive lunch because I had it at the department store (always pricy there, even the food). I have no idea why I am showing you my food. But heck, nobody can deny the delights of food for the eyes! If you ever come to Seoul you should check out this place called "In the Kitchen" on B1F (I think?) at the Shinsaegae Department Store (Express Bus Terminal subway station). As you can see they have scrumptious salads. Speaking of scrumptious things....you might as well down the summer heat with a bowl of 팥빙수 (in english it's: shaved ice with red bean).
They serve THE BEST 팥빙수 in Seoul at a cafe called "MealTop" on the top floor of the Hyundai Department Store (Mokdong and Apkujung branch). It is soooooooooooo unbelievably good! If you've never tried it, you're missing out on the action!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Cheap shopping

Psst...let me tell you a secret. Actually it's hardly a secret but common knowledge, har har, but in Seoul the most affordable shopping places are based underground. Of these, possibly the most famous one is the underground shopping area under the Seoul Express Bus Terminal subway station(line 3). Most of the summer t-shirts, shorts, skirts are priced at 5,000 won (about 5 dollars) to about 15,000 won. Simple shift dresses (the current trend) starting from about 10,000 won and above. Apart from these, we have the usual assortment of random shoes, accessories and jewellery. The prices are cheap and student-friendly, but the styles are a little repetitive with no variety, my only complaint for a person who thrills in buying unique, individual pieces.The key to snagging good items is to take your time and compare prices. The same shoe could be double the price not 100 metres away. Unfortunately, I couldn't take many pictures because I was under the impression that the shopkeepers weren't too keen on my snapping away. In the past week, I've been scouring the underground stores all over Seoul to find something to wear for a friend's wedding. I finally found this ethnic print dress and a black vest. I also bought a blue and white polka-dot print dress that came with a matching bow belt (this I got at an underground store at YeoungDeungPo Station (line 1). I decided to go all-out girly, so the polka-dot number was what I wore to the event.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A much awaited post

Not long ago I received a delightful email from Armen introducing me to Chavernet Paris, a small fashion house based in Paris. It make my toes feel all tingly when I discover new, little tidbits such as these. Chavernet Paris was forged by two friends who believed in the importance, quality and uniqueness of the Couture. This atelier directly manufactures handmade dresses in Paris devoted to create unique dresses for unique people. After seeing some of the dresses on the website I have to admit that I am quite besotted with all the dresses and those historic, quirky model heads are hands down, just my style.
To take a quotation from the site: "At Chavernet there are no collections, no fashion shows, no advertising, no wild marketing, no standardizations. It is just you, unique woman, going to the Atelier where the motto is.... One dress = one woman."
One dress = one women. I have to say for all the women out there, bravo!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Very random

I want hair like Spanish actress, Elsa Pataky.
Long and curly.

Like spaghetti.

Obviously, the summer heat in Seoul is going to my head.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Orange for summer!

The final test is over and done with and the summer holidays are here. I'm relieved but for some reason not at all happy about it. Now thinking back, I really had a rocky semester. On a much cheerier note, expect more interesting blog postings from me next week and enjoy a lovely Friday night!
As if words are needed for anyone to admit that Charlize Theron is practically a goddess in living form. Here she is in the August issue for Elle UK looking absolutely amazing, especially in that orange number! Anyone seen the 'Hancock' movie yet?