Sunday, 29 June 2014


This is, indeed, a VERY good read. Click on the link below to read the post.

On the matter of "curating", the snob effect and jumping on the bandwagon 


Monday, 23 June 2014

Pitti Uomo 86

Blue is definitely BIG this season. I think this shade of blue is fabulous for Summer, so visually cool and un-stuffy.
 photo PittiUomo86-7_zpsba7226b0.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-2_zps585e604c.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-4_zpsc2e07df5.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-3_zps5269c7c4.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-6_zpsc1e8a35c.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-1_zps51d2234c.jpg
 photo PittiUomo86-5_zps498b3bc5.jpg
Source: Le21eme

Do you think the gentleman above is wearing camo Kevlar? If so, HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT?!!!

Friday, 20 June 2014


 photo AnnemariekevanDrimmelen-VogueNetherlandsJuly-aug-2014-1_zpsca8fd8ba.jpg
 photo AnnemariekevanDrimmelen-VogueNetherlandsJuly-aug-2014-2_zps3ce912e0.jpg
 photo AnnemariekevanDrimmelen-VogueNetherlandsJuly-aug-2014-3_zpsa615b7a2.jpg
 photo AnnemariekevanDrimmelen-VogueNetherlandsJuly-aug-2014-4_zps5263f29a.jpg
Source: Photos by Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Vogue Netherlands July-August 2014

Clean lines.

To be honest with you, I'm not that into the whole normcore trend. In the summer, I usually wear a tanktop paired with some jeans, not even with flares or a particularly baggy style of pant, just good old plain skinnies. But the first picture has me converted. I'd wear that. BUT not with Birkenstocks, good gawd no. #sorrynotsorry

And that Chloe backless swimsuit is to die for.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

can't get outta my head

 photo byXeviMuntaneacuteforHarperrsquosBazaarSpainMarch2011_zpsc916d2bc.jpg
 photo byRafaelaProllfor1stMagazineApril2011_zpsab46228f.jpg
 photo versacedress_zps97f09c82.jpg
Source: Photos by Xevi Muntané for Harper’s Bazaar Spain March 2011/ Rafaela Proll for 1st Magazine April 2011/ Elle US March 2011

This Versace Spring 2011 collection geometric print dress (one piece or two piece).

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Label With a Social Conscience

 photo MaiyetResort2015-1_zpsf961b153.jpg
 photo MaiyetResort2015-4_zpsc6b81864.jpg
 photo MaiyetResort2015-2_zpsaa11bd85.jpg
 photo MaiyetResort2015-5_zps689c5c1e.jpg
 photo MaiyetResort2015-3_zpsb41ef2c4.jpg
 photo MaiyetResort2015-6_zps0bf124a6.jpg
 photo MaiyetResort2015-7_zpsdbd83001.jpg
Source: Maiyet Resort 2015

And jaw-droppingly beautiful clothes! The first look is my fave. XO

Friday, 13 June 2014

pink malibu

 photo Miguel-Reverigo-Vogue-Spain-May-2014-1_zpsa638065f.jpg
 photo MissoniMensSS2014-thesart_zps2f3b97ab.jpg
 photo Miguel-Reverigo-Vogue-Spain-May-2014-2_zpsb48af16d.jpg
Source: Photos by Miguel Reverigo for Vogue Spain May 2014/ Missoni Menswear SS 2014 via The Sartorialist

I'm smack in the middle of a Pretty Little Liars marathon. Anyone else watching that series?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

h&m 2013

 photo HampMfall2013-blake-3_zps9ebcb12b.jpg
 photo HampMfall2013-blake-2_zpsfd43da8e.jpg
 photo HampMfall2013-LuckymagSept-2013-1_zpsffd5e4bf.jpg
 photo HampMfall2013-blake-5_zps9eae631b.jpg
 photo HampMfall2013-blake-6_zps9f41601f.jpg 
Source: H&M Fall 2013/ Lucky magazine Sept 2013

Blake Lively modelling some H&M Fall 2013 looks. Bit of a flashback I know, but doesn't she look FAB-U-LOUS? No wonder she picked up a L'Oréal contract...that hair picked up the L'Oréal contract.

Monday, 9 June 2014

miranda streetstyle

 photo miranda1_zpsfbf11caf.jpg
 photo miranda2_zps7a3080df.jpg
 photo MK_FLORALS_zps5d8612ba.jpg
 photo miranda3_zpsed07f02c.jpg
 photo Miranda_Kerr_balenciagarings_zpsebb51f25.jpg
Source: unknown

I know a baby is never ever an accessory but daaang that Flynn is super cute.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

black stripes

 photo LEEOLIVEIRA-polarized_zps87db034a.jpg
 photo blackandwhitestripedskirt_zpsb8fa68a1.jpg
Source: Photos by Lee Oliveira/ unknown

Totes cute outfit. I still can't figure out if this is a dress or a two-piece set///

Saturday, 7 June 2014

clutch me happy

 photo blackcatclutch-jakandjil_zps1e4ada8e.jpg
 photo celine-viaSandraSemburg_zpsc3affc6e.jpg
 photo electricblue-byNam-streetfsn_zpsa155d6e0.jpg
 photo Streetfsn-fendiclutch_zpsc3726931.jpg
 photo leeoliveira-pinksuit_zps9a7ff880.jpg
 photo VivianaVolpicella-le21eme_zpse7dd3558.jpg
 photo blueclutch-viamrnewton_zps85c14f82.jpg
 photo byMichaelHauptman-NastyGalrsquosVintageChanelLookbook-1_zpsf25c8973.jpg
Source: Photos by Michael Hauptman for Nasty Gal’s Vintage Chanel Lookbook/ jakandjil/ streetfsn/ mrnewton/ le21eme/ Sandra Semburg/ leeoliveira

I'm not a huge fan of poms in general but that last picture always makes me smile :)

Friday, 6 June 2014

beautiful mornings

 photo morningcoffee_zpsf84cd302.jpg
Source: my own

Like I said before, most of my mornings now comprise of downing flat whites and drooling over spacious living rooms...

Monday, 2 June 2014


 photo Bayleyhouse-1_zps0ce90404.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-5_zps650e62c0.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-7_zpsf3912f77.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-4_zps2cc3d336.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-8_zpsf6a12aca.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-9_zps6f753e62.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-6_zpsb42ade2a.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-3_zps802aad4d.jpg
 photo Bayleyhouse-2_zps42b10f15.jpg

Nowadays I'm more interested in flipping through interior magazines on furnishing houses and choosing the perfect throw rug than clothes and such. I love the vibrancy and character of this Brisbane family home. I believe this is what you call, Pinterest-worthy.